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Roses Are Red.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day! Bright blue skies, sunshine, a breeze, with summer finally smiling down on me, and it’s late June! After a long winter, and a rough week, this is very pleasant welcoming change. These are days of joy!

I was reminded of a saying, “stop and smell the roses”, after learning about someone very close to me who had a family member who fell ill, another friend who was very sick, and a friend whose husband’s grandmother passed away. I walked around outside this morning for a couple of minutes, instead of rushing to get things done. This simply act made me realize how kindness should be shared on a daily basis, instead of judging and getting caught up in the "idle talk" to pass the time. This day is meant to be cherished in every possible way!

I wanted to do a random act of kindness in the honor of my friend’s mom who is, happy to say, recovering! My friend made me realize how she is everything you could want to be – loving, kind, and generous...the best human being! I wanted to do something special to reflect the love she has not only for her mom, family, and friends but for everyone she meets.

I went to the store to pick out the most beautiful roses I could find. I wrote a couple of notes and attached it to the single roses. Then I drove to my local hospital and asked that the staff give the flowers to someone who needed a little extra joy in their day, maybe someone who didn’t have an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sun. Perhaps these roses could bring sunshine to them instead.

May this be a reminder to share kindness…in any way that you can.

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