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What’s My Favorite Thing About Planning a Vacation? THE FOOD!

Who else plans their vacation based on how many of their favorite eateries they can visit during the trip?? No one? Only me?

If you know me, you know that although I’m not the most adventurous with food, I LOVE a good meal. I love trying out new restaurants whenever I can- anything from fancy spots to popular fast food joints.

When I plan a trip, the first thing I do is think about what places are in the area and make a list of the ones I’d like to try and fit into my itinerary. This summer, I planned my annual trip to South Beach for my birthday. My friends made fun of me because two weeks before our trip, I had a list of about 5 places I had to visit for some newly discovered grub. I feel like a great meal can become such a lasting memory and add to the experience of a trip. Sometimes, it’s the best thing I remember about a particular vacation.

Here a few of my favorites:

MIAMI: The delicious Cuban food at my favorite restaurant Havana 1957.

JAMAICA: Jerk chicken at the famous Faith’s Pen road stop, where there are about 20 different food shops to choose from all lined up for passing tourists.

JACKSONVILLE: Tasty French cuisine at the “French Pantry.” It’s an intimate location, only open 11-2pm Tuesdays-Fridays. Every time I visit, the line is out the door and around the parking lot, but it is SO worth it!

LONDON: Nando’s- a casual spot, serving food with African/Portuguese influence.

CHICAGO: I know you’re thinking that I’m going to mention some serious deep-dish dining, however, my favorite place was actually a Southern bistro called “Wishbone.” I had just seen it on a show a few weeks before visiting and had to check it out. I was not disappointed! They’re particularly known for their large portions.

PHILADELPHIA: The obvious favorite- Cheesesteaks from Ishkabibbles!

PUERTO RICO: Metropol has delicious offerings, with a Caribbean, Latin flair. It's a great option for authentic cuisine.

NEW JERSEY: Top’s Diner; hands down the best diner I’ve ever visited. My first time there, I was so amazed at the personality and camaraderie among the staff. They were so friendly, told jokes, and moved around the extremely busy location like a well-oiled machine. I felt like I was in a reality show, lol, and every dish looked like it came right off the pages of a food magazine. And, don’t get me started on the desserts- we’ll save that for another blog!

I hope that you’ll find this list handy the next time you make a stop in any of these areas!

If you have any suggestions, share below! My stomach is ready to plan our next trip!



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