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Seek Impact. Not Attention.

Everyone wants it.

Authors, bloggers, musicians, pastors. Your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your Instagram admirers—all jostling for attention, for a like, a retweet, a double-clicked heart.

We place our message on online billboards hoping more people will champion our stuff, our message, our brand and our point. We want the attention, the notice, the likes of people we don’t even know.

Everyone is shouting at the same time and, often, it's impossible to hear through the commotion.

We recognize the problem, but just accept it as "the way things are now."

But it doesn’t have to be like this. The overwhelming urge for constant attention is a human problem, not a 21st century issue. How do we sift through the noise to see and hear clearly? Or even more importantly, how do we avoid becoming part of the noise? Here are two helpful shifts in mindset to help you stop trying to get noticed.

Make a Difference Instead of a Point

Jesus performed many headline-worthy miracles. Afterward, He often provided specific instructions to those He healed. In one instance, Jesus gave two blind men sight and then said, "'See that no one knows about it,'” (Matt 9:30).

We're all trying hard to get noticed. Jesus wanted to be ignored so the attention would go elsewhere.

Why would Jesus hide His miracle? To change the course of someone's life and then keep it quiet—so opposite of what any normal person would do. Jesus wasn’t seeking attention, He simply wanted to make an impact in these needy lives. Jesus never performed mass healings, and He did everything He could to make sure He became known for having an intimate touch on people's lives.