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Questions for KAE

1. What should every woman try at least once in her life?

An Avon Breast Cancer or Light The Night Walk---whether as a walker or volunteer.

2. Why kindness and fashion?

Everything I do, I try to assign reason to it. It's one thing to shop and look great but that wasn't enough for me. I needed to create something that gave purpose to dollars. Kindness changes lives, as fashion changes a mood or appearance. With those two combined, I have every intention of changing the world.

3. What brings you the greatest joy?

God's love notes in the form of people. When I meet good people. Like really good and loving people, I treasure and appreciate those interactions so much and try to live in the moment for as long as I can.

4. What brings you the greatest satisfaction?

New knowledge. I love the feeling of knowing something new- whether it be a new word, recipe, or experience. There is slight renewal that comes with new information.

5. What is the best advice you've been given?

To focus on what God wants for my life, not the demands or pressures of the world. To live right.

6. What is the best advice you'd give to someone?

Some things just have to be believed to be seen.

7. Who do you follow on Twitter?

Ohh good question! Everyone! But I'm very much a quote lady. So if you've posted 5+ good quotes or words of wisdom, there's a 95% chance that I'm currently following you.

8. What are your thoughts on the racial tensions taking place in our country? This is something extremely near and dear to my heart because the foundation of prejudice and racism is so flawed and so destructive, my mind cannot fathom the fact that this is still a reality. It is not surprising since history has informed us of the presence of this type of evil. There are also many examples that let us know this evil is also alive and well. However, it is sad to watch people succumb to such hatred. Everyone should be proud of who they are. For me, I am pro-Christ, pro-black, pro-Jamaican, pro-American, pro-culture, pro-knowledge, pro-education, pro-KINDNESS, and pro-respect. No one should be fighting to lessen the degree of love that someone has for themselves. No one has that right or power. To speak poorly of someone based on race, religion and/or gender is to suggest and instill the message that they have nothing to be proud of. Which is a complete lie. Everyone should believe that self-pride, that does not morph into damaging, reckless and isolating behavior, is valid and should be expected and encouraged. True love of others comes from loving ourselves. Instead of bashing another person, celebrate their God-given differences. We each have a piece to the puzzle that is specific to each person. To rob someone of their joy is to rob the world of improvement and beauty.

9. What charity do you support?

I am currently donating to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

10. What is on your bucket list?

Visit Africa with my parents and sister.

11. What are the last three items on your credit card statement?

Yikes! Food, student loan payment (BOOOO!), and flowers purchase for the house.

12. What item in your closet do you wear the most?

My old- faithful, flowy Free People dress. It's short sleeved however, in the chillier months, I will wear 75 layers if it means the dress gets worn! Ha!

13. Who are your role-models?

My parents. They live for God and it shows in the type of lives they lived, the decisions they make, and the people they are.

14. Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Can I choose living and dead? Oprah, Oprah NEEDS to attend. Jesse Williams, Denzel Washington, my parents, sister, friends, Sigmund Freud, Joe Biden, Jesus, Barack and Michelle Obama, Chloe and Halle (the singing sisters), John Legend, Kofi Annan, and Zula-Moses (this little boy I met in Uganda, Africa where the idea of KAE was first formed).

15. What is your greatest indulgence?

"Cheesecake Fantasy" from Cold Stone.

16. What is on your nightstand?

My Kindle, Bible, beautiful lamp from Two's Company, Bose bluetooth speaker, cell phone, and glasses.

17. What quote do you live by?

So many! Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love a well thought out quote. I can't pick just one but I will choose the last one I read which was by Michelle Obama, "Surround yourself with goodness."

18. What is the best gift you've ever received?

A DVD that my best friend Derissa created for my birthday that had different pictures and places I'd been over the years. That was very thoughtful. Love you Riss!!

19. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Gum completely grosses me out.

20. What is your beauty secret?

Facials. Always and forever.

21. What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

I always thought I was "wasting time" and needed to live strategically. I would have liked to stop and truly explore the things I thought I was good at.

22. What made you pick the outfit you are currently wearing?

I'm layered up because Fall always inspires me to layer creatively. My favorite Fall item is the KAE "kindness above everything" and "kindness over credentials" sweatshirt. I always get looks and compliments when I wear them. It's a way of sending a message without speaking. A relevant and necessary message- which is the most important part.

23. What pivotal points in your life caused you to be so passionate about kindness?

The moments I've been treated unkindly, have seen others treated unkindly, and have treated others unkindly. Nothing about being unkind is OK. It's an ugly habit that needs to be identified and changed. My passion for kindness comes from grandmother. Regardless of what another person said or thought about her, she never held back her kindness. She was the same person in every interaction. If there was ever an issue with another person, she never let it linger. She let the past be the past and loved genuinely and uniquely in the present. It is something I appreciate more as I get older, especially with how cruel human beings can be. The moments I want to say something that may be unkind, I think of the legacy of my grandmother and the strength she had that helped her to remain unchanged in challenging situations and I thank God for her example every day.

24. Hilary or Trump?

Oh man! All I will say is that I will be voting for kindness shown by and for others. Take that any way which way you'd like. My one message regarding voting that I'd like to make clear is that we are to make logical, rational and informed decisions as voters. That is our right and our duty. Seeking a better world for everyone living here should not be a bullet point for votes but a unanimous decision based on morality. No one is better or less than another person. Despite history's script, human beings can change things for the better for everyone. It simply takes deciding to. KAE has decided.

Thank you for your questions everyone! :-)

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