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Let Valentine's Day Begin

We have our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Here are a few!

1. Anyone follow Johanna on Instagram? She has amazing ideas for nail designs! One for every occasion. We've selected our favorite Valentine's Day look below! Check her page out: @johanna5588

2. Before you head out on your date, visit someone you know who has lost a spouse. Today is not easy for many people. Show them you care.

3. Today, more emphasis is usually placed on spouses or significant others. Remember to show love to parents and siblings!

4. Cooking is always a thing on V-Day! A good gift for your chef-BOY/GIRL-ardee. In The Food Lab, Kenji focuses on the science behind beloved American dishes, delving into the interactions between heat, energy, and molecules that create great food. Kenji shows that often, conventional methods don’t work that well, and home cooks can achieve far better results using new―but simple―techniques.