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People Will Be People. Still Be Different.

I don't know about you but I get very frustrated when I see people doing the wrong thing. Meaning, when I see someone making a statement that is based on selfish gain, when I see someone not holding the door for another person, when I see someone speaking poorly about another person instead of helping them, and/or when I see someone behaving aggressively for no reason. Day after day, I live in this perpetual state of "why would you do that?" and "who raised you?” It happens so frequently that sometimes I have to ask myself if I am the crazy one for not thinking or doing the same as those who I am observing. Other times, I find myself justifying reasons why I should consider joining in with others to avoid "sticking out". Don't worry, I don't. Now you may say to yourself, “but you’re assuming that your way is the only way”. I’ve heard this many times. I am no way assuming that my way is the only way, but what I am assuming is that by thinking and acting with a moral compass, it is bound to lead to a better outcome than if you were to do the opposite. My foundation is the bible. Now, that may not be your foundation, but the truth remains the same, kindness is the cure. With that being said, I encourage you to keep the following in mind when choosing how to interact with yourself and others. It will do wonders! Believe me.

  • Relationships need care

One of the top five regrets of the dying is that they let their friendships fade away. Relationships need time and attention. Nurture good people like a prized garden. The payoff is so worth it.

  • You can’t control others

We want people to think and behave as we do. We want them to accommodate us and live the way we think they should live. We want to change them. But with awareness, we realize we can’t and shouldn’t try to control others. Instead, embrace differences and honor the uniqueness of the people in your life. Yet, although it can get frustrating, be confident knowing that being different is very much necessary. If we were all the same, the major accomplishments we've achieved thus far would have never been an option. If you've ever thought someone else was less than you or deserved less than you, you are incredibly incorrect. If you strive to see the greatness in everyone, we thank you, support you, and encourage you to keep it up.

Live loved,


Post any pic that relates to today's post with the hashtag #1thingeveryday to join us in choosing to learn one thing from our day, every day.

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