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Trials Produce Patience.

Have you ever had a morning so bad you wanted an immediate do-over before you even got to work? Everything that could go wrong, did and you're angry at God for messing up your schedule?

Accept this challenge....

Instead of being angry, let's be grateful. Though we may be hopeless because we were late or got a negative diagnosis from the doctor or are dealing with an unfortunate circumstance, it doesn't mean there isn't a lesson in the test.

Maybe being late prevented a car accident. Maybe your struggle is preparing you to be someone else's strength.

So the next time everything's going wrong, take a deep breath and roll with the punches.

We're being covered with divine favor.

Live loved.

Post any pic that relates to today's post with the hashtag #1thingeveryday to join us in choosing to learn one thing from our day, every day.

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