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Give Your Body A Break.

On my vision board for 2017, a phrase is plastered in the very center: "Give Your Body A Break." Too often, we stretch ourselves to capacity trying to please others and neglect to please ourselves. By pushing our well being to the back burner, we risk becoming a part of an assembly line; creating a product out of routine, lacking any emotional attachment. Just as it's impossible to love others without loving yourself first, it's impossible to give yourself to others if there's nothing to give. Designate some time in your day or week to practice self-care. Watch your favorite tv show, schedule a mani/pedi, eat some chocolate or take a nap.

It's okay to care for yourself as much as we do everyone else.

Live loved.

Post any pic that relates to today's post with the hashtag #1thingeveryday to join us in choosing to learn one thing from our day, every day.

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