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Our Body is a Parcel.

I believe our body is a parcel for delivering our personality, thoughts, beliefs and intentions to this world. If there is nothing in this box that can change the world, then it doesn’t matter if it disappears. I believe that we all have potential, but it also takes a lot of courage to realize it and faith to identify and refine those God-given gifts.

Leave a mark in this world. Have a meaningful life, whatever definition it has for you. Go towards it. The place we are leaving is a beautiful playground, where everything is possible. Yet, we are not here forever. For me, there is more for me after we leave this playground. And to me, the latter is determined by what we do in the former. For me, I want to make it to heaven so I must do what God is requiring of me now to secure that goal.

How? By living kindly, living honestly, living lovingly, and living with Jesus as my center. I understand that many may not agree with my requirements. That is fine. Our life is a short spark in this beautiful little planet that flies with incredible speed to the endless darkness of the unknown universe. So, enjoy your time here with passion and purpose.

Live loved.

Post any pic that relates to today's post with the hashtag #1thingeveryday to join us in choosing to learn one thing from our day, every day.

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