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Friendships are Voluntary Relationships.

My family is very close. My mother always tells me, "If you consider yourself a friend to someone, make sure that you are actually being a true friend". I strongly believe I am a great friend. I actually think that is one of my greatest strengths. The problem is, I don't know what do with those who aren't that great of a friend. What I've learned that has helped me to be at peace is that people change. And that's OK. Individuals often discover they’ve outgrown relationships (whether romantic or platonic) that are no longer a good fit. There shouldn’t be any guilt or shame associated with ending them. If you try to think of why everyone in your life may act differently at some point or another, why they are reaching out less, etc., you will drive yourself crazy.

As you get older, friendships will begin to mean more. Instead of pouring endlessly into those that rub you the wrong way, invest in those that love and choose you. If a friendship is in a tough spot, and one of you feel like the friendship is valuable, someone will say something. If no one does, as hard as it may be, that is the answer that determines the next step for you.

Pray. Worry about nothing. Let God lead.

Live loved.

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