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Write The Vision: Money Matters

Cash definitely rules everything around us. The food we buy, the transportation we use, and the houses we live in require the precious green bills we work so hard for. Yet, it seems to be gone quicker than the time it took to earn it.

Here are some tips to consider: Let's live (and spend) within our means. Budgeting boils down to putting your mind over your money. As a starter, figure out how much you make bi-weekly or monthly, and subtract bills. From there, contemplate how much to spend on food and make a grocery list right then or set it aside for later. With your remaining money, decide a comfortable amount to live on and put the rest in a savings account. If saving is difficult for you, put aside a smaller amount (5.00 or less) and build on it every paycheck.

Here's a chart that you can use as a starting point! Do this each year and increase your savings!

Money isn't everything guys. It's great to pursue financial stability, but don't kill yourself just to stunt. If you're seeking validation, having money will only amplify your insecurities, not mask them. Even Kayne said "Man I promise, I'm so self conscious, that's why you always see me with at least one of my watches, Rollies and Pasha's done drove me crazy. I can't even pronounce nothing, pass that Versace?" You are not defined by how much money you spend. The people who are worth your time will be there whether you're "balling" or not.

I encourage you to ask your families and bankers about investing and ask your jobs about what their retirement and 401k entail. For great information on 401k tips for beginners, check out this site to begin your planning! It is better to know and put the information to use now so you can plan your future wisely.

Lived loved.


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