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Celebrate Your Circle.

Turn on the news. What do you see? Politics, celebrities, award shows, reality tv, etc. Now, how much attention do you give to those items? Be honest.

We could write you a long-winded blog post about what it means to be a friend however, I think we all know. We just need to be reminded. Habits are hard to break, so keep the following in mind and let's get started on forming some new ones.

If you consider yourself a friend to someone or someone else considers him/herself a friend to you, sit down and understand what that means. A friendship means you are living life together. We only have this one life, leave an impact---make it count. Add to that relationship. Feed that relationship. As you know, our mantra for this year is 'live loved'. By living loved, it has the opportunity to transfer many things in you life. So why not start with those who you call 'friend'? We have the tendency to treat those we love the most sometimes worse than those we barely know. Many times, we don't realize how much we take them for granted. Let's use this blog as a reminder to break that vicious cycle and give the attention, love, respect and time to those around us. Those who love us. Those we love. Those who matter most.

As you prep for the weekend, remember your family and friends. Interact with them differently after reading this. Make that improved interaction a habit. Then watch God work. God cannot help us if we don't help ourselves. So, let's put in the work. Now, don't get me wrong. Finding great friendships takes time. So does improving them. So don't stress it, don't overthink, rid yourself of lonely and strained feelings, and simply tap into the relationships of the day. Let those interactions matter. Put a little more effort into them than you probably would.

Then, when it is all said and done, tell us how it was.

Reply to this email and tell us how this blog had even the smallest impact on your weekend.

Can't wait to hear.

Live loved.


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