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Falling Apart.

One of my favorite websites is The kindness that KAE was founded on is the kindness found in the Bible, taught by God, shown by Jesus, for our own examples. With that said, I love finding great devotionals that speak about everyday life, problems, issues, accomplishments, etc., within the context of God. I came across this devotional written by Lizzy Milani that I had to share. I don't know whose heart it will touch but I know it will touch someone. Enjoy!


I remember the first time I heard the phrase:

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”

Amen. Fist pump. Hallelujah.

I clapped, passionately nodded my head, and hurled an “amen” at the preacher, too.

But inside, I gulped.

My Bible was not falling apart. And neither was I.

The equation wasn’t working. I felt convicted (manipulated) enough to put “reading my Bible more” at the top of my must-do-more-of-to-be-a-good-Christian-and-keep-myself-from-falling-apart list.

Twelve years or so later, I heard this saying again for the umpteenth time. However, I didn’t join in the chorus’s of amens and refrained from fist pumping and doing “ain't that the truth” eyes because:

My Bible