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A Father's Day Note for Those Who Have Lost Theirs

Wishing each and every person who grew up with an inspiring and kind father, a Happy Father's Day. Days like today are always reflective for us because we know that there are many mourning the loss of their own father. Today is a day that reminds us of all the things our parents have done and how minuscule the amount of gratitude is when compared to the reality of their sacrifice. Today, I thank God for our father, both our heavenly father and earthly one. My dad is alive and well and I thank God for allowing us to have these years together. I pray for many more healthy and happy years with my sister and parents. However, I know that this is not the reality for a few of my friends and cousins who have lost their dad. My prayers are with them. I encourage you to pray for your friends, parents, and anyone else who has lost a father. Today is hard for them.

I came across this note by Daniel Baer, written to those who have lost their fathers. I hope it can provide peace to those who found yesterday to be almost unbearable. God bless.


Every year around this time, I feel a barrage of tiny pangs of sadness, and then of regret. As my e-mail inbox fills with “Show Dad How Much You Care” subject lines, as restaurants and ballparks advertise their Father’s Day specials, I think, “I wish I hadn’t seen that reminder that he’s gone.” And then, in the next moment: “Daniel, don’t be self-centered, think of all the fathers and daughters and sons and mothers who are honoring love and family today.”

My father died at 54, eight and a half years after he was first diagnosed with cancer at 46. His death, in January of 2003, was preceded by months of painful suffering as chemo and radiation failed to turn the tide of t