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Reverse Bucket List

Bucket lists often display a person's most imaginative desires before leaving earth. Skydiving, taking a trip overseas or going on a cruise are examples I've often heard, and while those are great goals, I wondered why people are always looking for the next thing and not taking pride in their previous accomplishments. Accomplishments that maybe weren't so big however, powerful in their own right. Understandably, living in the past often distracts us from the future. But why can't we use our past to motivate us in the future?

Embarrassing but candid, check out my bucket list in reverse:

1. Vacationing in Chicago

Though I can count the cities I've been to on one hand, Chicago holds a special place in my heart. Aside from being my father's hometown, I fell in love with Navy Pier, Shopping on Michigan Ave and eating endless amounts of Garrett's Popcorn (the Chicago mix-cheese and caramel will change your life). The major highlight of my trip was seeing Harpo Studios while Oprah still had her talk show, and standing feet away from Barack Obamas home before he became our President.

2. Celebrity Sightings

Like any other die-hard fan, seeing a celebrity in person gives us a satisfying confirmation, letting us know that they are indeed real and aren't as far away as they often appear. However, I only seem to meet them in airports. As an avid 90's hip-hop and R&B listener, my world stopped when I met Mase (rapper and right-hand man of Diddy at that time) as he was strolling past me in the airport. I took a double take, as another girl took off running after him, and then went over to say hello. I also met Black Eyed Peas and Zoe Kravitz who were very courteous and took the time to chat for a while.

3. The State Choral Championship

In High School, I was a "Choral Geek." Meaning, I was in Choir all four years, I bonded with different styles of music from Gospel to Acapella. During my Senior year, the Acapella Choir earned a spot in Oregon's State Choral Championships. I watched in amazement as over 40 choirs from Oregon took the stage and competed with their voices and music. Though we didn't win, being in a room with so many people who share the same devotion for music that I do, is something that I'll never forget.

4. Working with Daniel Beaty

Being that poetry is my first love, Russell Simmons' show "Def Poetry Jam" on HBO completely captivated me. It showcased different forms of poetry from unknown poets and musical artists alike, giving the viewer a first-hand glance into a top notch open-mic night. It was there that I first laid eyes on Daniel Beaty. A poet from Dayton, Ohio. His electrifying poem "Knock, Knock" destroyed all barriers of poetry I was previously taught. I literally leaped for joy when my high school English teacher told me about a workshop he would be holding at my school. In the workshop, he taught students how to work through our emotions and allow them to spill out on the pages of notebooks without reservation. It is through him that I really learned and understood how therapeutic writing is.

5. Blogging

As a child, I prayed for the chance to write for magazines such as Essence or Vibe, but in one particular prayer, I asked for the chance to inspire and to heal people through my words. Regardless of titles and recognition, I just wanted to help see people through whatever problems they faced and give them a different way of viewing things. That prayer came true when I began blogging for KAE Collection. Though you guys may never meet me, I want you to know how much you bless me through the blogs I write for you.

Thank you.

This post wasn't meant to be boastful, but to serve as inspiration. Each day presents an opportunity to take a risk and do something you've never done before. All it takes is the decision to step out of your comfort zone.

Click on over to KAE's forum about reverse bucket lists and tell us the amazing things you've done so far. Don't forget to sign up and log in to our forum to comment and create your own posts.

Live loved.


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