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KAE Chats With Alyi V.

In life, we come across people who I call 'Divine Mentors'. Whether you have a personal relationship with them or not, these people intrigue us by their outlook, their work ethic or their positivity. By being exposed to their lives, we feel somehow connected to them and inspired to infuse their way of life into the areas of our own lives that may need revamping or encouraging.

Alyi V. of Sirius XM is Co-Host of “The Feature Presentation” and Creator of “Sincerely” podcast. Alyi became a mentor of mine for the reasons mentioned above and she continues to add to the list. Despite an industry that pressures people to blend in, Alyi is determined to unapologetically live in her truth, hoping to inspire others to catch on. During a philanthropy mission in the Dominican Republic, Alyi sent over some words of encouragement to remind us that no matter your title, kindness is not a lost art.

Describe yourself and what you represent in 3-4 words.

Alyi V: Hustler, ambitious, passionate, focused, fearless.