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How To Be Thankful When It Seems There’s Nothing To Be Thankful For

November is the most popular time to reflect on how far we’ve come in the year or in general and show our appreciation for life’s blessings through thanksgiving. But for some of us, the phrase “give thanks” is a foreign statement because our lives represent everything we wanted to run away from instead of run towards.

So how do we gain hope in the midst of trouble? Here are two lessons that help me to live in gratitude:

1. Count it all joy because things could always be worse. Have you ever been sulking in your pity party for one, overheard the stuff someone else is dealing with and immediately thought your situation was small compared to theirs? All feelings and emotions are valid, but let’s practice putting things into perspective. Trouble and trials are a circumstance we cannot escape, but a sliver lining is always present in our woes because we’re only given what we can handle. Though it may seem unbearable in the moment, think about the worst possible way your situation could’ve panned out and rejoice that you’re not living that scenario.

2. Be thankful for literally EVERYTHING. When I’m fed up with life and am struggling to even get out of bed, I begin to speak everything I can do out loud. For example, if I can move my hands, I say “I can move my hands”, if I can walk , I say “I can walk”, etc.. Though it may sound a little weird, sometimes we need to hear our blessings aloud. Doing this helps me build confidence and find a positive outlook because everything I speak presents a reason why I’m still here. It signifies another chance to push through and is proof that my God-given assignment isn’t completed.

This week, I encourage you to evaluate things you’re thankful for, things you’d rather forget about and how to see the blessings in them. Often, we assume that if we’re going through situations we’re being punished or that our higher power doesn’t love us, when it’s just a test of our faith. While some of our problems are self-inflicted, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lesson of grace hidden in them that will make us stronger, kinder, more loving, and more merciful than before. It’s up to us to choose whether the glass is half-empty or half-full.

Have a grateful week everyone!

Live loved.


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