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KAE in the classroom

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

- Frederick Douglass

If you were to have asked us what we were doing this week, we would have answered with "Teaching elementary school students about KAE, our mission and the impact of kindness". Having visited and reflected on the day's events, we realized that we also learned a great deal!

Here are our takeaways from the day:

- KAE believes that you aren't what they call you, but what you answer to. At Florence Avenue School, all the teachers refer to their students as scholars. Which we love. There is power in a name, especially one that encourages and fosters growth and a healthy sense of self. Not only do the teachers call them this term often, but they also do so with with pride and support of their students.

- When you hear the quote, "Children are the future", know that it is not just a catchy phrase, but an absolute truth. They are watching and learning. After telling the kids about how KAE began, the impact kindness has on us and those around us, and the importance of exercising kindness towards all, regardless of appearance or opinion, the scholars were given a chance to ask questions. Each question blew us away with how thought provoking they were. We were even given our own nicknames as 'The KAE Sisters'- which we can definitely get used to. After our presentation, a retired principal came over to share his appreciation of us being two young sisters choosing to work together so closely. It's not often you see or hear about siblings being able to work together so well. We consider it a blessing to be each other's built in best friend in both our personal and business life. The importance of family relationships was taught to us by our parents at a young age. We've learned to never take those we love for granted.