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Mothers: A Legacy of Love

Hi Subscribers!

For those who don't know, when I'm not working with others in to figure out ways we can make this world kinder, I work as a Senior Manager of Education Programs at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I work with doctors to create education programs for blood cancer patients. In doing so, I created a podcast called The Bloodline with LLS in which I speak with experts, patients and caregivers about their cancer journey.

In honor of the amazing impact that mothers and mother figures play in our lives, I sat down with a young mother who was diagnosed with lymphoma at 30 years. She speaks about her experience and how kindness played a huge role in her recovery and also in the lives of her two young sons who watched on as her husband took the lead and neighbors poured love in their family.

I encourage you to listen to the episode at the link below and give us your feedback. This was an emotional episode that certainly helped to put so much in perspective for me. It served as a reminder that kindness is very much needed in every area of our lives. It's also something that is needed by everyone in order to make it through this life. Because let's be honest, life can be ROUGH.

May we use the meaning of today to think and pray for all mothers and may we remember that we do not know everyone's story and because of that, we should show kindness. Not only for ourselves but for those watching.

I hope you enjoy the episode. I also extend my thoughts for all those out there who are hurting, you are not forgotten. There is absolutely no card or gift in this world that will fill the emptiness you may feel, and for those of us who have never suffered such a loss, we can’t relate as much as we will try. What we can do is be your shoulder and carry you through your toughest days. In the depth of the pain, no matter the circumstance, please remember there are people who are praying for those of you with a broken heart.

While I am so gratefully blessed to still have my incredible mother to celebrate with on Mothers Day and every day, I know there are individuals in the world that just feel plain lost because they are missing theirs. If anything, losing my precious grandmother and observing how heartbreaking and earth-shattering a loss like this was for my mom, it has made me SO appreciative of the time I get to spend with loved ones. We are not promised tomorrow (as cliche as it sounds…it is true). If you are still blessed with a living mom, hug her a little tighter this Mother’s Day and vow to cherish every moment with her…and everyone else you love.

On this Mothers Day, whether it be a child who lost their mother or a mother who has lost their child, my heart goes out to you. People you don’t even know remember you on days like today. My hope is that you will find some comfort and peace not only on the holidays, but everyday as your navigate your way through finding a “new normal”.

Moments matter.


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