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Labor with Love.

It's Labor Day!

Firstly, how is it September already? Secondly, thankful to be see another day, much less another month.

I'm literally sitting here in the exact location pictured above writing this post less than 24 hours after our annual family Labor Day bbq (which was a huge success by the way!) Shout out to everyone who came out to our last minute bbq. How crazy is that? It's an annual bbq however, it is planned last minute every single year. You'd think we learn by now! Regardless, the right people always arrive, turning it into an absolute blast, running from about 5pm-12/1ish am (sorry neighbors!)

Party animals.

Actually, I left out one small bit of information. This bbq is put on by my parents so technically they are the real party animals. My sis and I just do our daughterly (a word?) duties and make sure it goes without a hitch.

Moving on, our KAE blogger had an amazing post which I will post tomorrow but I wanted to intervene and write a short bit because I felt inspire and I haven't in a while. So here are a few things to keep in mind as we enter the day. I wanted to share 'Alicia's Actuals' (AA) if you will, as we celebrate today. Everyone knows I love titling things and 'Alicia's Actuals' just flowed. :-) I write a lot so I'm only going to share two digestible bits....hopefully.

1. AA numero 1: I cannot celebrate today without thinking of the hard work of my parents.

As human beings, you try to work not only hard, but with integrity. When I think of everything I am and have, I think about the work and prayers of my parents. They did so that I could. They lived in a way that allowed their children (with God's help and guidance) to not only have an example, but a standard. As we focus on 'labor' as it relates to parents, I think about the bar they set for themselves as my sister and I stood by looking on in admiration. By watching them, I learned to speak up where I felt my voice should be heard. I learned to continue working with integrity, regardless of when I notice that success may appear to be easier for some and harder for others. I learned to be self aware - to notice my flaws and work on them, not excuse them. To never say 'this is just who I am'. I learned to take my faith seriously. To not only mention God in a social media bio, quote a popular scripture, partake in convenient religious conversation or to keep up a religious appearance. I learned to take the Bible at its word, share the Gospel and Jesus' message, live out loud, and respect every view point while never wavering from my own. I learned to be ok with not being liked by everyone. Impossible goal, wa