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Kind Labor: Active Listening

As an educator, one of the most essential things I observe is a child’s ability to listen. In doing so, I introduce them to a vital tool for their success later in life. Once we become adults, we sometimes get so set in our ways that we don’t believe we could ever need improvement. In order to be a outstanding leader or communicator at any level, we have to be attentive. How can we adjust our focus?

Active listening.

The basis of active listening is be fully present during a conversation, remembering what was said and responding thoughtfully. Self-mastery and confidence is amazing, but the sincerest form of wisdom is realizing we don’t know everything. Taking constructive criticism and sound advice from our co-workers, bosses and mentors only propel us forward toward our destiny.

Although correction causes our egos to bruise at times, we can’t take it personal. Most times we listen to react, not to reflect. We must realize that selective hearing never works in our favor. When we listen without predetermined rebuttals, we leave ourselves open to see our faults or at the very least, the full extent of another person’s point of view. In return, we are able to give an unbiased response and own up to any foul play, allowing the conversation to reach a happy medium.

Listen kindly today.

- Mel

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