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What’s Your Word?

The new year is underway, and most of us are heavily incorporating our resolutions into our hectic schedules. We strive to make our visions become habits, yet often fail because we lack the resources to begin or the willpower to sustain them.

How can we end the cycle?

A practical way to usher our dreams into fruition is to choose a word to live by this year.

Naming your year is an easy way to effectively set the pace for the way you desire it to go. It empowers you to imagine yourself in a particular emotional, professional, or physical state and act out a smaller, more intentional plan to attain your reward.

For example, my word for 2019 is “stride”. From a spiritual standpoint, one of my main priorities as a Christian is to allow God to lead my life, though sometimes I stubbornly think my ways are better. I set intentions and immediate go into action, then quickly become overwhelmed and overworked because I did not consult with God first.

As a result, in 2019 I’m going to stop running alone and start walking with Christ. By setting aside 30 minutes daily for devotionals and seeking His advice in prayer concerning all things in my life, I am presenting myself as an open vessel, ready and willing to be poured into and used as He sees fit. On a day-to-day basis, 'stride' permits me to not only trust but thoroughly enjoy my process, rejoicing in how far I’ve come and confidently content in the fact that I am being equipped for the blessings to come.

In general, your word doesn’t have to be spiritually based. However, this is definitely a heart matter. What do you need to change? What do you need to release to operate at a higher level? If you need courage, put speaking up for yourself or someone else into practice daily. If fear is holding you hostage, do small things that scare you daily, until you can work yourself up to bigger situations.

Although pacing ourselves doesn’t sound motivational to us go-getters, taking deliberate steps saves us from a world of confusion and leads us to exactly where we need to be every time.

Live loved.


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