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Can I Pay You Back?

So about 4 months ago, I was in line for breakfast at work and there was a man in front of me who was paying with his card. He didn't meet the card minimum so he put his dish to the side and ran upstairs to get cash.

I was behind him and thought 1. I also only have my card and I knew I'd have the same issue since we both got the same dish. 2. I could add another bottle of water and be on my way 3. It's at these moments when I ask myself, 'did I start this company just because I wanted to sell cute clothes or do I actually live out what this brand believes in?' 

I chose to use this moment to answer the latter. 

Keep in mind that I've never seen this man since this day which is understandable since there are many companies and buildings on our campus. Also, there are three buildings on our campus to buy lunch.

Today, I took a late lunch at 2pm and ran to the building next door for egg whites on a croissant with turkey bacon. Hey- don't judge me. When I got downstairs and was about to head to the cafeteria, I saw this man staring at me, we exchanged pleasantries and as I was going to walk through the front door, he stops me and asks 'did you buy lunch for me a few months ago?' To be COMPLETELY honest, I had forgotten until this moment and said, 'Oh! Yes, I think so!'. He said 'Thank you! I'd be happy to repay you and buy you lunch.' I said 'No worries at all! I figured 'why not be kind when you have the chance?'' He then said 'Can I pay you back?' I said 'Nope! But have the most amazing day!'

Today was one of those days when you are reminded of the beauty of kindness. Innocent, honest, impactful and friendly.

As we enter into Friday (THANK GOD! Am I right?), I invite you to use this weekend to go beyond liking a cool brand called KAE Collection *wink wink* and live FULLY in the moment. Notice what is happening around you and leave that moment kinder than you left it.

I really want to hear about it.

Email and tell me your story. It doesn't have to be long or super deep. Just real. I'd love to share it, if you don't mind. :-) 

Have an amazing weekend everybody!

Be kind. Live loved.


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