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See The Good

A phrase we often hear is “when it rains, it pours.” I’d never fully grasped that concept until I recently faced my own storm.

Diagnosed with a respiratory infection, I was irritable, eating next to nothing, and completely drained. The stress of wedding planning reached an all-time high and I was yearning to spend the rest of my days in isolation.

While taking engagement photos in one of portland’s most treasured towers, I was introduced to an elderly homeless man who had come into the building for some warm air. He’d noticed we were eyeing a piece of furniture he was close to and graciously moved to another nearby seat. As I watched him settle into the new space, I immediately felt endless guilt. On the other side of my issues were people struggling to handle their own, but if they chose to take on their trials with courage why couldn’t I?

Too often, when faced with challenges, my first instinct is to be mad at the world for them. Unfortunately, it’s easier to be comfortable with proudly making our injustices known than considering if there’s anything to be learned from them. Today, I encourage us to see the good in our circumstances.

Seeing the good in a situation doesn’t dismiss your problems, it’s a testimony to others that there’s a purpose in our pain. If we put this into practice, we can have peace in the midst of our angst and rest knowing that God is using us for a reason beyond our comprehension.

If you desire, create a “grateful box”. You can write down things that you’re already thankful for and put them in, think of things that you’re grateful happened/didn’t happen, date them and put them in the box. Every so often, go back through your notes to be reminded of how far you’ve come and how many times you’ve been rescued from something that wanted to take you down.

Gratefulness is a choice we have to make daily. Like happiness, it is a trait we decide to let reign over our lives in spite of the known or unknown. Choose gratefulness. Choose freedom. Choose KAE.

Live loved.


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